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Our Directors

new directors

Dr. Aaron Kerr

Mrs. Dana Kerr

When SOSCC.ca reached the stage of moving to the next level we realized that the new director’s had to possess the appropriate spiritual qualifications. SOSCC.ca understood that their director’s spiritual leadership is a must. It must be the foundational characteristic onto which all other characteristics are built. Because it is at the core of the characteristics of a Christian leader, it was too important to make any assumptions.

While SOSCC.ca did have a list of characteristics that they were hoping the new director’s would possess, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Dr. Aaron and Dana Kerr not only fulfilled our list but could add a few more that we hadn’t thought of.


Must be a “Biblical Servant Leader,” Be a “Shepherd,” Be “Authentic,” Be a “Community Builder,” Be an “Effective Communicator,” Must articulate the “mission of the community,” Be “Relational,” Have the “Ability to Influence others,” Have “Flexibility,” Be an “Entrepreneur,” Must “Empower Innovators,” Must “Empower community residents and leaders,” Be an “Executive,” Must have “Management skills,” Have “Knowledge and Competence,” Be a “Strategic Thinker,” Be a “Visionary Leader ,” Have “A kingdom vision,” Have a “Collaborative Style,” Have “Wisdom and Discernment,” Have “Passion for God and community,” Be “Community minded,” Have a “Restless Curiosity,”


“Dr. Aaron and Dana Kerr possess all of these characteristics and more.”


Finally, and most importantly, this list of characteristics is a tool and a human creation. It is God who equips leaders for service and calls leaders to lead. If the list is used to discern God’s calling then the list can be used for the ultimate purpose of the community. That is to glorify God in all that we are and all that we do. “To God be the glory.”

Dr. Aaron and Dana are more than qualified to take SOSCC.ca not just to the next level but beyond provincial and national, all the way to international recognition.

The years of pasturing their own church “Daily Hope Community Church” in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, has prepared them to do great work on the world stage.


From all of us at SOSCC.ca,

Welcome aboard!

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