Biblical and Organizational Core Values

Biblical Values:

  • Love – means to love the unlovely
  • Faith – the means to real depth in relationships of all kinds
  • Grace – Giving people more than they deserve.
  • Peace– not just the absence of fighting but positive well-being.
  • Service – meaning is found in service rather than self-centeredness.
  • Hope – not a guarantee of immunity from harm but a conviction that God is always present.
  • Justice – A concept biased in favour of the disadvantaged.


Organizational Values:

  • Glorify God – Our number one value is to glorify Jesus Christ.
  • Integrity – To be honorable, honest, and genuine in everything we do.
  • Loyalty – We will be loyal to the organization, program, people, and (transparent) in the use of the finances of the organization.
  • Excellence – We will insist that everyone adopt quality and excellence in everything they do.
  • Impact – Our church will have a positive impact on every community we serve.
  • Followers – The goal of our ministry is to transform Members (seniors) into fully devoted followers of Christ.


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