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A “Business Ad” is a great way to get your message out to the community. The old saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” certainly rings true in this case. The limited number of ads to a webpage will give each ad more exposure. Having your ad placed on a related program i.e. A taxi or bus company ad would be placed with the “Transportation Needs Program”.

Unlike other websites, when you advertise on you don’t just place your ad, pay your money, and then hope you get some business. With you become a partner and all available resources will be used to promote your business. Example: advertisers will be encouraged to participate in all fundraising and community events (set up a table), and when an advertiser organizes an event they will have the total support from all management, staff and volunteers.

Support your communities and they will support you.


How to place the Ad


Pricing: All Business ads are one price

$169.00 per month

3 months – $457.00

6 months – $814.00

1 year – $1,528.00

*Special prices for multiple ads


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Customer will suply a copy ready ad to “”

Note: If a customer needs help in designing their ad, they should complete the instructions (4 Steps), including payment, and then contact a representative for assistance.

*Because all ads are taken on a first come first serve bases, if a customer waits to place their order (for whatever reason) they could lose their place in line.


  • Customer is taken to a secure site for payment.
  • Customer will receive a confirmation email from containing all details of the transaction


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