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(Find Jesus Find Yourself)
There are many reasons why SOSCC is offering a “Christian Travel Program.” Not only can it build fellowship, enrich lives, deepen faith, it can also help SOSCC financially, but above all it will help all Christians on their journey to finding themselves through Jesus.
As a church, we are offering our members:
• Christian travel opportunities
• Offering Christian venues
• Great deals on all trips
• By not offering Christian trips, we would be missing opportunities for evangelization and building fellowship with our members when they are on vacation.
Our travel program will offer many benefits and advantages, through travel and shared vacation experiences such as, Christian pilgrimages, Missions, cruses, leisure vacations, and retreat getaways.
SOSCC will also offer “mission vacations” This catch phrase describes the increasingly popular phenomenon called “vacations with a purpose.” Instead of heading to a resort or a favorite vacation spot, you can experience the joy of working in places that don’t have resorts, hotels, and vacation destinations which will be more purposeful and satisfying. The objective is to help missionaries with some sort of a construction project, a calling that is both extremely joyous and rewarding.
Baby Boomers, Seniors and Empty Nesters have come to the point in their lives where they think less about keeping up with their neighbors and friends by accumulating more material things and have begun pondering more about how to enrich to their lives and the lives of others. Time magazine reported that Boomers volunteer at a rate of 33 percent, contrasted with 24 percent for those 65 and older. Last year, 65.4 million people did volunteer work, but 75 million volunteers will be needed by 2016, the magazine reported.
Airlines have recognized this and advertise special rates and packages for “religious” travel.
SOSCC has recognized this as well. As hundreds of thousands of new volunteer missionaries rise from the ranks of retired Baby Boomers, they will challenge the status quo of missions and how organizations will respond to them. SOSCC is positioning itself to usher in a new era of Christian service in missions by involving thousands of Boomers in the acceleration of Bible translation worldwide.
A “Future Project”
“Part of our investment in short-term missions is the creation of our new “Volunteer Mobilization Centers” across Canada. These 16 to 20,000-square-foot facilities in major cities in all provinces will be used to mobilize thousands of volunteers heading out on mission vacations.” These facilities will be “Designed and built primarily by volunteers, the Center will service a growing tide of Canadians seeking to use their free time more productively.”
Through its travel program, SOSCC intends to bring its members closer together and make them much more vibrant.
A few more reasons why SOSCC created a travel program are,
1. A travel ministry deepens our faith in God.
2. It enriches personal relations with Jesus.
3. It builds fellowship and enlivens a community.
4. It enables its members to experience the Christian faith and sites firsthand.
Our travel program will only succeed if we all participate in the programs, trips, and vacations.
“Let’s create Christian vacation memories that will last a lifetime

Volunteer today and make a difference tomorrow!

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