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Let’s Have Church Programs

Gospel Hour ProgramPromoting Gospel Music/EntertainersSpiritual Help/Support (Gospel Music Industry)Weekly/Monthly VisitsOur partnership with SOSOP.ca
The GHP will offer a one to two hour program that will consist of a gospel leader delivering an interactive biblical message that relates to the issues and concerns of all Christians. Topics such as grief, loneliness, health etc. will be discussed using biblical passages. A Worship Team and or individuals will sing the praises of our LORD through traditional hymns such as, Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace, and How Great Though Art.

We are creating a community of Gospel entertainers who are striving to uphold traditional gospel music while promoting present and future forms of worshiping our Savior in praise through music. We will be cultural influencers. We believe in art that translates hope to anyone who will listen. We love music because we believe in the life-changing power of the song. We believe entertainers and musicians are influencers of traditional and pop culture and we strive to work alongside them, helping them to develop and reach their full potential.

We will do this through our artist development program. We will need everyone to participate in this program if it is to succeed.


Our mission is to help Christian Entertainers and Musicians reach their God giving potential.

The mission of the Spiritual Help/Support Program is to provide a Christian place that is hospitable to and nourishing of the spiritual life. Our program will keep its members updated and informed using newsletters, blogs; videos and all social media outlets that provide opportunities for spiritual development, personal growth and social transformation. We welcome individuals and groups of all faiths that genuinely seek the Divine, and those who desire to embrace our savior in their lives. Our goal is that all who come to “Spiritual Help/Support” can experience the invitation: “Be still and know that I am God”.

Matthew 25:35&36 provides the basis for our mission:
“For I was hungry, and you gave Me some- thing to eat,
I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink,
I was a stranger, and you invited Me in,
I was naked and you clothed Me,
I was sick and you looked after Me,
I was in prison and you came to visit Me.”

The goal of the SOSCC “Visits Program” is to be a blessing to all people who want to have a relationship with our Lord Jesus while they are unable to go to a traditional place of worship, because of their situation. Whether they are in prison, or in a hospital or a shut-in. We plan to be there 24/7 if needed to help them on their journey to seeking God’s kingdom.   

We will continue to be the central place where people can be referred so that they may receive the help and support they need. We want to continue to direct our clients to agencies that provide targeted support as required by them or their families. We strive to provide everyone with a listening ear, a warm smile and access to God’s word.

“Providing calm waters… in the midst of the storms of life…”

“Serving Our Savior Christian Community” (SOSCC.ca) is a partner of “Serving Our Seniors Online Program” (SOSOP.ca) and not only share some programs, but also have the same Christian values, business ethics and principles.


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